About us

LABio is a professional company dedicated to serving the life science industry. Our business team was first formed as a division of Shanghai Sunkey in March 2020, when the Covid-19 virus first broke out, in order to help our regular customers who need help during the pandemic. As our services are highly recognized and supported by our clients, we have developed rapidly and stareted to serve more and more clients. As of the first half of 2022, we have served dozens of clients from 16 countries. Relying on the industry's best resources in China, we created the LABio brand of laboratory consumables, to help our customers use world-class products at a much lower cost. Based in Hainan Free Trade Port, we aim to provide better products, better services and better cost control for our global customers. Whether you want to optimize your supply chain in the life sciences industry with one-stop solutions and tailored services to improve business efficiency and reduce costs, or just want to source the right products at a great price for your own use, feel free to contact us!

  • OUR VISION - To be the best provider of life science service
  • OUR MISSION - Make life science better
  • OUR VALUE - Customer-centered, integrity, win-win cooperation, striving for excellence

We firmly believe in a handful of simple values that attract people to accomplish both ordinary and great things together.


All of our strategies and actions are designed to cater to customers’ demands. The company was born to solve problems and create value for its customers.


Honest management is the foundation of our company’s sustainable development. When facing questions of principle, we are willing to sacrifice our short-term interests to achieve long-term success.

Our hiring and promotion processes select those who possess a combination of both integrity and ability. Between these, however, integrity comes first.

Win-Win Cooperation

We know quite well that only stable product quality and reasonable profit can ensure long-term stable operation of our partners. Only when all of our employees and ecosystem partners work together can we continue to grow.

Striving for Excellence

Our business needs to continuously improve itself and provide quality products and excellent service to our customers. Our industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and this requires us to learn and evolve on a continuous basis.


Contact: Leo Chen

Phone: +86 186 70330664

Tel: +86 186 84884465

Email: info@labio.cn

Add: Room 1001, 3rd Floor, Incubation Building, Hainan Eco-software Park, Chengmai County, Hainan Province, China