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  • Vertical Electrophoresis Tank for Western Blot Gel Running
Vertical Electrophoresis Tank for Western Blot Gel Running

Vertical Electrophoresis Tank for Western Blot Gel Running


This product is suitable for gel-based electrophoretic separation experimental needs.

Product Features

This product adopts the one structure glue-making and gel-running design, which can complete the gel-making and gel-running process without disassembling the electrophoresis glass, and is also compatible with the gel-running electrophoresis needs of this model specification pre-cast gel.

This product adopts a new type of clamping structure to guarantee no leakage during the gel making process.

This product is made of polymer material and can be used in ice bath to assist in heat dissipation to ensure that the product is not deformed or broken during electrophoresis to ensure stable experimental results.

This product adopts the single tank design can be compatible with electrophoresis and transfer using the one tank experiment, reducing the space required of experimental equipment.

Various styles of 1.5mm, 1mm and 0.75mm electrophoresis glasses can be used to meet the needs of different experimental capacities.

This product adopts 0.2mm diameter high purity 99.99% platinum wire as the electrode for electrophoresis, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion and does not participate in the electrochemical redox reaction and does not interfere with the experimental data.

III . Product Specifications



External dimensions (L * W * H) mm



Gel Size / Transfer Size (mm)

Gel size 83x73

Transfer size 70x90

Maximum volume of buffer solution (mL)



Maximum supply voltage (V)



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