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  • 2ml Magnetic Tips Comb
  • 2ml Magnetic Tips Comb
  • 2ml Magnetic Tips Comb
2ml Magnetic Tips Comb2ml Magnetic Tips Comb2ml Magnetic Tips Comb

2ml Magnetic Tips Comb

Product Specification
Item Number CT-96V-L
Product Name 96 Magnetic Tips Combs V-shape Bottom
Size 2mL
Material Polypropylene
Packing 32 pcs/box, 4 boxes/carton
Carton Size 42 *38 *39cm
Product Description 2mL 96 magnetic tips combs used on nucleic acid isolation machines, wear on the magnetic sticks, prevent the samples contaminating the magnetic sticks.
Product Features ● It is made of medical-grade Polyethylene (PP) with higher safety, without DNase/RNase, human DNA, and pyrogen.
● The arrangement of 12 x 8 is used to extract free DNA and Kingfisher flex.
● It can be used for sealing three kinds of materials: dry glue seal, silica gel seal, and heat seal film seal.
● It can be widely used for HTS, cell and tissue culture, continuous dilution, reagent transfer and sample storage for environment low to -80ºC(PP material can be sterilized for the low temperature to -80ºC).
● The thickness of the bottom plate and side wall is uniform, and the upper part of the orifice is smooth and uniform, which is convenient for sealing, the aperture is the same.
● It is suitable for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions, and other laboratory solutions.
● It is used for identification systems, HTS, motherboard sampling and sample keeping, mechanical sampling, and automatic pipetting systems.
Storage Condition Room temperature

Product description:

1. High polymer material polypropylene PP material, high chemical stability, can withstand 15KGY irradiation sterilization

2. Lower adsorption of nucleic acids and higher extraction efficiency

3. Adapt to a variety of nucleic acid extractors such as Thermo and Nanomagnetic

Use with 96-well deep-well plates (U-shaped round bottom KB-96U20-L, V-shaped pointed bottom KB-96V20-L). There are U-shaped round bottom and V-shaped pointed bottom. Two types are available.

Used for sample collection, in vitro cell culture and long-term storage;
Made of highly transparent polypropylene (PP) material, resistant to alcohols and other mild organic solvents;
It can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, and can be stored stably at -80℃ for a long time;
Suitable for multi-channel pipetting guns and automation systems.


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